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Welcome to Kamihis Farm

Be a farmer for a day...


In the farm of Kamihis, you and your friends or you along with your children will have the option to become farmers- breeders for a day, in the Cretan way!
You can discover the properties of the herbs and of the wild edible greens of the Cretan land.
You will pick up vegetables from our garden and fruit from our trees!
You will have the chance to pet, to feed and to get to know from close the animals of the farm, such as sheep, goats, piglets, hens, geese, turkeys, ducks, little rabbits, and our little donkey Louisa!
Get to know the production process of fresh Cretan cheese from milking to cheesemaking, always in the traditional way and experientially!
We will use the fresh cheese in order to make little pies with traditional Cretan crust and we will fry them on the fire, the so-called parastia [fireside]!
Then you will relax at the courtyard of the house enjoying Cretan delights, nice home-made raki and wine, and of course your hand-made little pies, enjoying the natural sounds of the farm and admiring the peaceful landscape!

Kamihis farm

Zaros Crete Greece
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